Extensions & Renovations

There are many benefits in choosing to extend or renovate over buying a new home some of the benefits are:

  • Savings on Government Taxes
  • In most cases being able to live in the house whilst the renovations are being carried out.
  • Re-designing the home to best suit your needs.
  • Not moving from an area you love.
  • Staying in the place where your memories have been created.

Our company can handle your total process from the planning stage through to completion.

Due to our experience we believe that all extensions and or renovations are achievable and approach all projects with a “can do” attitude.

The jobs are stream lined to ensure there is a continual flow of work whilst being considerate so as to not disrupt to your day to day routine.

While the works are scheduled and streamlined we understand that customers sometimes have trouble with visualizing the end result and therefore we are flexible with changes made along the way.
Contact our office today on 42 724 905 and let us be a part of turning your extension & renovation ideas into a reality.